Friday, June 22, 2007


disclosure - interpol is my favorite band. out of all the current bands i love, i've loved them the longest and hardest. since 2000, maybe 1999. i'm biased.

i also am writing this without making corrections or hesitations, so if some of the shit i say sounds absurd, it's a heat of the moment reaction that any music fan can appreciate.

pioneer to the falls - this song might be the sort of perfection that make them the obvious replacement for radiohead's departure from capitol. it's along the lines of radiohead's "talk show host" and "pearly*" with it's gorgeous dynamics and hypnotic parts that made those songs b-sides and soundtrack songs, but were absolute fan faves.

no i in threesome - shhh.... it's starting!
at first it's sounding kind of Strokes-ish meets the Walkmen(!!!) via pianos ... but then dives into MBV and uh... Guided by Voices. God, i love paul banks so fucking much. i can't believe that after all these years I'm still able to keep him on top of that shelf i put him on when i was 20 years old and spending all kinds of money on fake ID just to be able to get into mercury lounge to see them so i could sway side to side with my eyes closed while standing up at front.

Scale - almost middle eastern vibe for this song with a swinging swagger to it. possibly their most rocking song because, oh, i think i hear some sort of power chord? What the fuck is this song????? Who is this band??? Oh, oh, that sounds like daniel's single string solo... played with an e.Bow????? Thank you.

heinrich maneuver - i love this song, but i think that the reason why people might not be into it is because i almost sounds like it's trying to be a single. This still sounds like interpol... but better. more exciting. more thought out... like 4 men who know it's their chance.

i think this is the best album i've heard in the past 5 years.

mammoth - whoa there nelly.... that just jumps right in. oh it sounds like REM. what the fuck, why is this like this? how are they doing this to me? god, i hate them. this is just too fucking good to be for real. is he saying "spare me" or "spoon me"? oh, the glistening guitars that sound like a bowie wet dream and into, again, OK Computer era radiohead. this song is amazing.

Pace is the Trick -- there's somethign about this song i relate to the most. i feel like i can picture the places, people and feelings that he's singing about.

all fired up -- shit off, i can play this song on guitar hero one day. it reminds me of "there there" by radiohead. why am i comparing the two so much. not fair... i can't help it. whoa. and now i'ts sort of like Boy era u2. this shit is so psychedellic. it's all fired uppppppppaidid.

rest my chemistry -- i love how they're using pianos in this record that sound like pianos. hahaha. holy shit, i could burn in hell for saying this but this song starts off with like this classical piano that could sounds like violins and then breaks out into this billy joel/bruce springsteen rocker head bobber. carlos totally has been looking at photos of brandon flowers while practicing Sams Town on his bass. paul banks' lyrics will get studied one day and i'll get my bachelor's degree just so i can teach that class.

who do you think? -- guess who is dancing in her chair???? me. ya ya ya ya ya ya this song makes me dizzy. interpol are really taking amazing new chances with their sound.

wrecking ball - this sounds like an older interpol song and i would've loved if they had some sort of male chorus in the background. this song is romantic and religious sounding. ok, timpani drums and french horns mixed with fucked around vocals. this 4:33 song sounds like it's 7 minutes too short.

lighthouse - OOOOOOO! THIS SONG SOUNDS LIKE THAT MUSE ONE WITH THE SPANISH GUITARS UP FRONT. it sounds like "blackout"! yes, that's the one. i liked that song too. you know what is amazing about this album? it's going to shit all over the cynics who thought that interpol couldnt get out of their sound.

i love them.

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