Saturday, June 2, 2007


Oh God, do I love the Oohlas. click there to find out why.

I got playstation 2 and guitar hero yesterday. dont want to leave the house anymore.

having a hard time typing because last week i pulled out a hangnail and it got infected. it started swelling up on friday, so being stupid, i poked it with a sterilized pin to get the puss out. then last night it started to swell up and this morning, the tip of my finger felt like it was gonna burst open. so i went to the ER for it to be taken care of. this is what it looked like when i arrived:

gross, right?

when i was sitting in the room waiting to be taken of, i took a look at the computer screen infront of me and read what some of the people were coming in with. i saw things like "back ache for 2 days." and "fever and headaches." and "sore throat." but the one that excited me the most was "hearing voices."

how fucking scared must you be to go to the hospital and tell them your symptoms. what kind of voices do you think get heard? i dont mean for that to be rude... i'm serious. it's so interesting.

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