Tuesday, August 21, 2007


One of my favorite people on earth is Chris Black. Rob makes fun of me because I'm always like "Chris Black said this... and Chris Black said that... and Chris Black did this... and oh my god, Chris Black..." I'm a Chris Black fan. No wait, I'm the fanclub President.

I don't give a shit that he probably just became friends with me because he was a fan of Brandon's band, because I was offering up some free meals as a thank you for taking Permanent Me on tour. I love Chris Black.

Chris Black also manages Cartel.

Now, I only listened to about 2 Cartel songs before -- I ran through the album and thought it was ok, but never really gave a shit about the songs except for their ridiculously catching singles. I even went to see them 10 times over the past two years whenever Permanent ME opened for them... and I was going to be seeing them a lot more when Nightmare of You got picked as main support (they had to pull out, sadly).

When Chris Black asked me if I could mention that Cartel's new album is out, i was like "yeah, sure, anything for you." and i was totally just going to post the video and itunes buy link without listening to anything. That's what friends do for each other. They put their friends' bands on tour and they get written up on hipster blogs.

So I went to iTunes and bought the album. Blah blah blah. It started playing, but I had the sound tuned into the TV. I turned it back to the computer about the time that "I Will Hide Myself Away/I Will Follow" was on. Will the singer sounded like chris from Saves the Day meets Jeremy from Sunny Day Real Estate and the singer of another band that I promised Chris Black I wouldnt mention on this blog after I called him about 10 minutes ago saying "OH MY GOD, 'I WILL HID MYSELF...' SOUNDS JUST LIKE ______ ____!!!!!"

But yeah, it's actually a good album. It's a non-pop punk album by a VERY pop-punk band. It's like they took a lot of acid, ecstasy, drink, cocaine, and weed and went into the studio... and filmed themselves doing it while living in a bubble.

Click here to get it from iTunes.

I'll send a free copy to whomever can tell me what song "Wasted" sounds like at the 2:51 mark. I can't figure it out and it's driving me nuts.

Oh, if you just wanna try out two songs, go for "Wasted" and "I Will Hide Myself Away/I Will Follow".

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