Thursday, August 23, 2007


I just had an afternoon cocktail of a giant frozen margarita. HUGE. it was strawberry flavored. in an hour i need to go to fuse to do an on air interview and i was just told that my face is all flushed. FUN.

cos i'm drunk i will be honest with you:


Everyone's been saying it's like the yeah yeah yeahs meets the misfits or like a heavy metal No Doubt (that's so weird!) or like My Chem.

Shit is for real. Gwen better be shitting herself at the young competition and COURTNEY LOVE, IF YOU ARE READING THIS... you need to be embracing Ryann the singer.

Anyway, i've been getting updates from our online marketing company about sites writing about the band and this is my favorite. It comes from SHOUTMOUTH:

Schoolyard Heroes Album Art Released
Written by: pixie on August 21, 2007 9:42:15 PM

Abominations hits stores Spetmebr 18th and I can't wait -- while you can't judge an album by its cover, this definitely hints at something amazing by the best female-fronted band in the world.

And I really do mean that. Considering that I hate 99% of female singers [despite being a singer myself, oh, the irony] and adore Ryann, it says a lot. The songs the band have revealed to date are amazing and this album is going to be killer.

When I was in Seattle for the video shoot, we announced it like a day in advance and there were 100 kids that showed up that were die hard syh fans. they stayed for about 12 hours... if not more. One chick showed up pregnant so her unborn fetus could be in the video.

Shit's exploding everywhere. People keep on emailing me about this album -- more than any other -- freaking out. They all want in. I'm freaking out with excitement. It's gonna be kinda huge, i think. Like, when i hung out with the killers at the set of their video for "mr brightside" (the first one that wasnt aired in the states) and mark was like "i think we're gonna be as big as no doubt" and i was like "yeah, i see that..." this is the same shit. bigger, maybe. like, cult-ish, but on a retarded huge scale.

oh dear. am i ready for this? yes. bring it. i'm so excited.

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jamey undead said...

shwoosh. i think its funny im actually a regular reader of your blog after i came here a while ago from some mention in "the stranger," and i also happen to be one of those die-hard fans from the video shoot who have been following them from before their first cd release.

this shit is gonna be huge. but for some of us who have been going to so many of their shows for so long its a hard pill to swallow almost. like i think we want them to get all the success they deserve.. but were depressed that the above might become a rarity in the near future.

anyway. im happy your working with them and keep on fucking writing.