Tuesday, February 26, 2008


A couple months ago, somehow, i started watching something on youtube about this possibly bonobo chimpanzee that may or may have not been half-man half-ape. It was in a series that got broken up into 6 or something on youtube and i watched all of them until about 4am.

I just saw that they're airing it on Science Channel at 9pm on thursday. OMGOMGOMG! i dvr'ed it.

watch part one:


Lawrence said...

Thankfully, there are parts of Indonesian that can tell you what Oliver would taste like with the right spices, of course.

Unknown said...

thats from a while back, but i think i sat there in horror the whole time.

oliver is a pervy old man i dont care what anyone says.

MEIK! said...

I learned so much about the bonobos and all their rival factions working on Atlas(DVD) for the BBC over the summer. The craziest is all the male adult factions of chimps that get violent and attack various monkeys or even their younger family members.