Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Just cos I'm no longer affiliated with IDJ doesnt mean I dont still love the stuff coming out of there.

PlayRadioPlay has a new video for the new version of "Madi Dont Leave" that's on the new album called Texas that's coming out on March 18.

Watch it Here:

Vote for it on: OvenFresh.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't really understand how this whole breaking off from IDJ thing worked... was Stolen Transmission originally set to release this album? Or did IDJ get to keep playradioplay! because of the split?

Sorry, just trying to understand how this label thing works. I love the song btw

Sarah said...

i'm trying to understand how it works too!

but anyway... prp was always signed to island/defjam. we just released his ep.

Anonymous said...

Ok... so which bands are ACTUALLY signed to Stolen Transmission?

Mens Suits said...

I remember the stolen transmission party I had a big blast their.