Friday, October 8, 2004


I'm so excited and proud to announce the first release on my singles label, stolen transmission, by the incomprable San Diego band, Louis XIV. You can purchae it by clicking the button on the right. It's so simple and easy. Yay for paypal (which seems to be up and down every 3 minutes... be patient)!

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting a friend and he was like "You have to hear this..." and popped on the song "God Killed The Queen." When I stopped dancing around the room and thinking about the rails of coke that people would one day be enjoying to this song, I knew that it'd be a perfect first single to release on my little glorified art project.

Imagine Mark E. Smith from the Fall writing a song for the Rolling Stones and you've got the track "God Killed the Queen." Plus, every time I've dropped this song while DJing (and I have, a few times), people dance to it like they've heard it a thousand times over. The other songs on this single are "Hey Teacher (demo)" and "Finding Out True Love is Blind."

The numbered singles are displayed in hand made packaging that I slaved away the few hours I have each week making them and getting high off the spraypaint fumes. They're wrapped in bloody bandaging and look really cool (if I may say so myself!) The plus side is that I've done them all while sober, so I've been drinking a lot less. Horay!

I hope that everyone who buys them enjoys them, and then sells them on ebay one day.

Also, my singles, which will be released about once a month, will be sold on fridays. A Shabbat Special, and the price includes the shipping. Fun times!

Sarah Lewitinn

PS - If you want to submit a band for consideration for a future release, email:



Anonymous said...

Geez Paypal is being extra ridiculous today. It took 3 tries to get through, but I sent you my $4. Looking forward to the cd. Would the girl who lead me to The Sheila Divine, Muse, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Stellastarr*, etc lead me wrong? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Hey is your Shabbat special sold out already or is Playpal being GHETTO?
- AlexisT
(Blogger refuses to let me sign in. I think they hate Puerto Ricans.)

Anonymous said...

$4.... what about the uk?

Anonymous said...

anarchy for the uk....

Anonymous said...

I saw Louis xiv open for the Killers and they are awesome!!! God killed the Queen is great song and so is
Finding out True Love is Blind.

Anonymous said...

congratulations sarah on lift-off
just bought my copy
good clean fun!

Anonymous said...

I think that's a good idea and it should took off. While I'm broke (very lamely broke) I'll be just happy to try and follow the pattern and find those bands. One day maybe, when I'm not so broke (very lamely broke). But I do wish you luck. You seam to have a good idea, pluss, cute cds are fun.

-- Flora

Tom said...

I need to hear it before ordering, even if it's only $4. There goes two coffees if I don't like the song.

Can anyone help me out?

Tom said...

Oops. Never mind. I went to the band's site. Me likey.

Anonymous said...

the deadly snakes are for surely worth cheking out. i just saw them live and was very impressed. i think they are unsigned, but i'm i'm not totally sure. s.t.

Anonymous said...

this is off topic, but does anyone know what's up with the site ? cos its just a weird face and it says 'come inside and have some fun'. also, it needs a username and password to sign in and enter. you know anything, or a username and password, can you please reply. and also, louis XIV kicks ass.

Hanson, in San Diego

John Fogde said...


I'd be interested in buying this (and future) CDs, but I'd just like to make sure you ship to Europe before I send you money. So do you and if so how much is the extra shipping charge?

John Fogde

Anonymous said...

I just heard "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" on WOXY.