Friday, November 12, 2004


Someone sent me this...

We need your help ---

we are doing a fashion 'before and after' story, where we will take
three college guys and 'clean them up' (style them) to look good to
'meet the parents' (of their girlfriends) during the Holidays...

An Esquire magazine fashion editor will take clothes from the guys'
wardrobes, and with a few select new items, polish them up for
Thanksgiving dinner.

college guys must:
-be telegenic and ok with being on tv
-have girlfriends ok with being on tv

in addition, we're looking to also invite the girlfriends' mothers ('the
parents'), who will also be on tv to witness and comment on the
transformations of their daughters' boyfriends

Date of shoot: Nov 23rd
Arrival time at studio: 6am
(Car Service will be arranged)

Please contact me if you have any suggestions.


Mario Ruiz
Dan Klores Communications


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure which is worse...what was posted or that drivel on mtv where the college-aged guy wants to date some girl, but first he goes on a date with HER MOTHER! i saw the commercial for the series today, and that heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach while watching it is god telling you to stop watching so much damn television.

Raised By Bees said...

True, but it's no coincidence that Queer Eye started with men first. I deal with the public a lot in my job, and most men that I encounter can't even keep their knuckles from dragging on the ground. (Though this could be due to the fact that I live in Philadelphia). The one part of this I disagree with is the telegenic part. It would be more impressive for them to clean up a totally fugly guy than a pretty boy who happened to roll out from under a car on that particular day.