Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Every couple of weeks my poor buddy, the Vicar, has to hear me complain about the shit I read on the internet. The Vicar has never read a blog (apart from stereogum when we were working on our Halloween costumes), including this one (thankfully), and never understands what the fuck me and my friends are banging on about when we're like "Did you see that funny link on thighswide?" And he certainly doesn't understand why I get so bummed out when I start fretting about what people I've never met (or have met but remain anonymous online) have to say about me.

The other night when I was walking to Max Fish from the Kasabian show (they were great by the way, and perfect for all those latter day Primal Scream fans like myself) with my the exotic ladies and the Vicar and I was moping and the girls and i were kvetching about the criticisims when The Vicar, who was 10 feet ahead of us and growing fed up, turned around and said:

So with that, i'm bringing nothing but love from now on. Not that I don't normally... but now more than ever.

Starting with this.

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