Tuesday, November 9, 2004


So everyones been all "Hey Tarts! You guys threw such a good CMJ party.... love the idea of live music for free in an intimate setting where the risk of puking is equal in probability to that of getting your teeth kicked in!
Whens the next one?"

Well, in case you hadnt noticed... we've been having parties EVERY Wednesday at Snitch... but its not until TOMORROW that we've chosen to bring back the rock. Thanks to the hot little bottlerockets at ADDVICE, were bringing you the rocknroll trainwreck known as BLOOM (www.longlivebloom.com).

So heres how its gonna go down....

You get to Snitch (21st street and 6th ave) at 11 pm. The doors and the bar are OPEN. Yeah, I know. Free booze. On a Wednesday! How rad!

The Tarts of Pleasure are gonna be DJing, and you all know how that works... we dance, we mix poorly, Karen will most likely fade out of a song too quickly and I will be too busy paying the bathroom attendants to look the other way to notice...

So then once youre all good and drunk by midnight, this crazy motherpackin band is gonna play. Youre gonna rock out and get sweaty and then be all, "Hey Tarts! What do we do now?" The answer is, you drink some more cheap drinks, and dance the night away to the DJ stylings of Mike Goodstein (WFMU), Massimo (East Village Radio) and Ryan (Teenage Kicks). Theyre
really, really good. AND they actually play vinyl! How weird!

So thats it. And then its four o clock in the fuckin morning... each day gets more and more like the last day!

WHERE: Snitch, 21st and 6th
WHEN: tomorrow, Wednesday, November 10th, 11 pm - 4 am
WHAT: the Tarts of Pleasure present... a Stolen Transmission, with live
performance at midnite by Bloom

be there or be shit


Anonymous said...

it's like a gym for fat girls.

Tankboy said...

is this the same bloom who toured with the suicide girls? if so, i thought they blew the girls off the stage.

(sorry, the gals were cute but the burlesque was lame)

anyway, if this is the same group i predict that snitch will be held up by barely a few burning embers by the time they leave the stage.

Anonymous said...

will there be fat girls playing monkey tennis?