Wednesday, November 3, 2004


Life will feel so much better when you listen to Johnny Boy's "You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes and You Get What You Deserve" on repeat over and over again. It's almost like Phil Spektor didn't kill anyone and recorded an awesome girl group song instead.


Jane said...

From my mum:

Mum: Have you ever heard of the band the Killers
Me: Yeah! They're Ultragrrrl's favorite band
Mum: Really! I love them!

thought i'd let you know

Anonymous said...

i have noticed one thing from reading this site: why is it that as soon as a band "makes it", they are no longer a good band. isnt that what all bands dream of, or is it to play third rate shows for obsessed bloggers who follow each other like lemmings to the next sh#tty band. until the band actually makes it mainstream. then, they become taboo, and you become a loser if you like them? you all are a bizarre form of elitists, who view success as selling out. its the same reason you like to ding successful republicans who want to keep their own money: if a band (or a person) actually becomes successful, they leave the rest of the losers behind, forcing you to face your lot in life. good charlotte, great example. when they sucked, every one of the groupies loved them. they make it big, and now you become a fascist if you like their music.

Anonymous said...

I'm 19 and this was my first presidential election ever. For the ten minutes it took me to vote, I actually felt like I was doing something worthwhile.

Of course, the next morning I realized I lived in California and was one of the mere 17% of young people to drag their asses to the polls. I feel as voiceless as ever. Representative democracy's lost that certain special something in my eyes.

I think we were all a bit naive to think that things like the "Vote Or Die" campaign and celebrity endorsements were really going to make a difference. We're not trying to sell soda, here. Iraq is important, but we need to do more to put youth issues on the agenda of politicians...

jeffro said...

Wow, it's easy to get depressed when you're misled by bad statistics. And thankfully this is such a case. Youth voter turnout was an all-time high. Over 20 million 18-29 year olds voted yesterday. That's out of 120 million total voters. So the real statistic is: 17% of ALL voters were age 18-29. That's significant power. Your candidate may not have won, but your voice was heard.


Life goes on. An election is just a stepping stone. Think global, act loco. and all that merry shite.

Marta said...

that was a beautiful track, almost cleansing in its Spectorish way :) i almost forgot about the bad movie we are all watching and living through right now for a minute. lol.