Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I was going to start this blog off with a rant about how I am having less and less amounts of fun at parties these days and wondered if it was because I'm growing older or possibly because I'm settling down in a relationship with someone who doesn't like to party, when I found this photo on Gurj's amazingly awesome SXSW-Recap:

I guess I need to be in the mood to party, and with the right people, and unless those elements are in place, I'm miserable. And from the looks of the photo above, all those elements were in place at the PureVolume Party at SXSW.

I went to some parties this weekend in Miami. That's all. I can't really write more on the topic.

What I can write about is my parent's condo in Hallendale, FL. It's super desolated in comparison to south beach. Me and my friends found ourselves hiking about 5 miles each way to find food, and we enjoyed every moment of it. I actually took a long walk on the beach. I took so many long walks that my hips hurt.

I'm happy to be home.

Oh, and you know how I'm always going on and on about Dan Keyes, former Recover singer? Well, good news: he has a band name. He is now YOUNG LOVE

And you can finally hear Young Love on MySpace... they're demos, but they're great. And incase you want to look at him, here's a photo of his awesomeness:

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