Sunday, March 5, 2006


This was the first friday night where I didn't HAVE to be at Orchard Bar. It was my full intention to go, though, right after Tasting Chaos, as a way to celebrate signing Monty. But it was freezing outside, and when I called the Orchard Bar to let them know I was running 20-people deep and I was told "it's dangerously packed in here" i decided to stay home with my buddies, get some food, booze, and tunes... and party. As an homage to Misshapes, we posed infront of Gurj's purple wall... Justin from Monty made a collage... hahaha:

(click for larger image)

(from left to right)
row 1: me, gurj
row 2: Ben the Intern, Ryan from Monty, Sasha the Intern, Eric Speck from Stolen Transmission
row 3: Andrew, Justin, and Steve ... all from Monty
row 4: Clark?, Rob?, Joe from Fallout Boy, Hot Nick from Hull/Resevior
row 5: OMFG Nick Snow the Intern, Matt from A Fein Martini, Alex from Stolen Transmission
row 6: Brenden, Tracy (Alex's hot gf), Mike from Monty, and Lauren (Tracy's hot friend)

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