Wednesday, March 8, 2006


Holy shit! I was just on the Joy Division MySpace page randomly and found out that I was in Joy Division's TOP 8!!!!

Also, in regards to the discussion from yesterday, something i want to point out to people is this:

A lot of people say that there is no way that MCR has the same cultural impact as Nirvana. While this might seem/be true, i'd like to remind a lot of those people writing that the following: Nirvana probably seemed like they made a larger cultural impact because you were LIVING it. You were a teenager or perhaps a bit older, and to you, nirvana was probably your life... which is what MCR is to the kids. Lord knows all I could think about was Nirvana when I was a teenager. It drove my parents up the wall. But in my school, the kids that felt the same way I did were few and far between in relation to the kids who were into Phish, DMB, the Dead, and hip hop.

Emo is the new Angst.

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