Wednesday, March 29, 2006


You know, I realized that I never plugged my dear friend, Marc Spitz's book, TOO MUCH TOO LATE

I read it a couple of months ago and LOVED it... a few of my friends (even those that don't like marc) read it and loved it...

Here's a breif description that posted about the book:
From Booklist
Ace teenage trend-spotter Natalie "Motorrrju" Levine waxes enthusiastic about her boyfriend's father's band, the Jane Ashers, in her super-popular blog, and within the space of days, the aging rockers find out that that one of their old songs, "Let's Go Steady, Debbie," has become the most commonly bootlegged MP3 file on the Internet. They land a recording contract and a tour date and soon find themselves staring down the same demons that broke up their band in the first place. Veteran hardware-store employee and ace songwriter Harry Vance attempts to treat his writer's block with massive amounts of drugs and alcohol and keeps forgetting to call his wife. Drummer Sandy Klein, the novel's narrator and an unapologetic stoner, is so busy enjoying the perks of being in a wildly successful rock band that he forgets to keep his eye on his emotionally fragile bandmate, handing off the chore to the tour manager. Music journalist and novelist Spitz (How Soon Is Never? 2003) gets a lot of mileage out of his one-note premise in a fast and funny read. Joanne Wilkinson
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