Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I'm leaving today for Austin, Texass. I can't fucking wait, obviously. I'm sharing a hotel room with my most adorably fabulous roommate, Gurj, possibly my other roommate Josh (so funny that he's now living in Apt 3A.... I wake up most mornings to him blasting hip hop and Good Charlotte demos, it's hilarious), and my other roommate, Brandon. I predict non-stop laughing for four days straight.

Anyway, I wont be updating this blog for a couple of days, I think. Though, who knows... between me and Gurj, there will definitely be some blog updating going on.

So i'm going to leave you with a topic to discuss:

Muse. Are they this generation's Nine Inch Nails? Radiohead?

It's funny, these days when i hear my friends in bands discuss the weird musical directions of their peers, it's usually matched with "they're trying to be Muse." When I was at SPIN, I used to nearly get tossed out of meetings for mentioning that band's name... but have they secretly become influencial?

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