Monday, November 6, 2006


First off, i would like to invite everyone to visit the Stolen Transmission Message Board. It's still a budding community, but you can make it your own.

So... it was a few days ago, but i've been meaning to post about my Thursday night Stolen Transmission showcase for a while. Here it goes:

So it was a really fucking long day for me that started at about 9:30 in the morning (which was preceeded by two nights of little sleep due to stress). I went to work, left work to run errands, had an hour to myself in which i ate dinner, and then went to the annex to help set up. There was a lot of delay in stuff that really got on my nerves, and I turned to have a couple of drinks.

Throughout the night, I had a few drinks. Zygo was kind enough to send over a case of vodka, so i set up a bunch of bottles upstairs for the bands to enjoy while they were sitting around. I took advantage of these bottles as well and kinda got drunk. The majority of the night was a blur, but it was crowded as hell and a huge success overall.

Now, at about 3:20am I got tired of DJing so Karen took over for me. I stumbled into the smokers room and had a cigarette -- which is weird since i dont smoke. I had about half a cigarette when I decided that I was really tired and needed to lay down for a minute. So i walked upstairs to the dark empty bar and laid down on the couch in one of the booths across the bar.

I heard karen's set, which was better than mine, and just thought to myself "i'll lay here for three more of her songs and then go back downstairs to get paid. i'm so tired."


Suddenly I'm woken up by Jordan the bartender.
"Sarah! You're here! Everyone's been looking for you! GUYS! SHE'S UP HERE!"

To which i replied "huh? what time is it? is it time to get paid out already?"

Suddenly, Gurj, Karen, and Joanna the intern came running up to me, Gurj bursted out in hysterics.

"Oh my god sarah!!! I've never been so happy to see you in my life," she said.

I just stood there confused as the three girls hugged me at once.

It turns out that I had fallen asleep for over an hour. When the night was over and lights were turned on in the basement of the Annex, Karen was there alone with my purse (that contained my phone, blackberry, and personal belongings), my jacket, my cds... and everything else i came with that night. She asked if anyone had seen me, and nobody had. The bartenders said that nobody was upstairs and that the bathrooms were cleared. This is where I get a bit confused, so maybe someone can clear it up in the comments section... Karen, i think, called Brandon to see if i had gone home. I wasn't there either. Gurj and Joanna had returned to the annex and were trying to help karen find me, and couldn't. They went back to my apt to figure out a game plan, where they found a very sober brandon freaking out.

Now, anyone that reads my blog's comment's section or knows anything about my history knows that there are kind of two types of people out there whom also read my blog: those who love me, and those who hate me... hate me so much that they leave threatening comments on my blog. So, now, it's nearly 5am and I have yet to turn up anywhere and for all anyone knows, one of those creeps finally got a hold of me and fucked me up. Brandon, knowing my big mouth and tendancy to forget my size, was convniced i was murdered.

Not willing to give up, Gurj and the girls headed back to the annex and left Brandon to stand guard at home incase I returned. They banged at the door of the bar and yelled at the security til they let them in. They insisted that I was still there, that there was no way I wasn't, and continued to look for me... which is when I was found by Jordan... fast asleep.

So when while I slept soundly on a bar bench, I managed to cause a panic.

I have the best fucking friends on earth. Seriously. They care so much about me. I dont know what I ever did to deserve such great friends, but I'm so happy that I have them.

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