Saturday, November 18, 2006


Lastnight I went to Hoboken after shabbat dinner with the family to see Nightmare of You and the Washington Social Club play at Maxwells. I started feeling a bit under the weather, and by the time NOY came on, I was doing my best not to faint. My friend Joey went to get me a bottle of water when I looked up and saw a six year old noy fan and her dad watching the band get ready from the back. I'm short, but a six year old is even shorter, so i walked up to the dad and told him that he and his daughter should follow me as I walked them to the front and got brandon's attention to let him know that his youngest fan was there. He met her earlier in the night when she gave him a t-shirt she made him.

"Francesca!" he yelled, and picked her up in the audience and propped her on the stage so she could have the best view. After the show I asked her if she's ever been to another show before, and she told me that last week she went to see Mates of State. Her dad told us she'd been to about a dozen concerts in the past year. If I'm not mistaken, he said she listens to XM radio and discovers bands that way. I guess that when she likes a band enough, her pop gets her tickets to the shows if they're in town. They drove up from DC just for the show and stayed at a hotel so that she could take a long nap before going out.

He told us that they recently went to see Echo and the Bunnymen, and Ian McCollough -- THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND, HIMSELF! -- propped little Francesca on his lap and she sang back ups on "The Back of Love."

MOVE OVER JACKSON POLLIS. (even though i still love you and want to adopt you)

Anyway, we went home and Brandon went to visit Peter Gaston the Husky Gentleman, at Revolver. Apparently it was packed with Bridge and Tunnell folk... which is weird cause this area is pretty fucking ghetto. I know cause it's been my area for nealy 5 years. There's projects to one side and Libation to the other. Whatever... i just want a nice cafe to be even closer than the nice ones that are already here -- i'm as guilty as the B&T-ers. While in Revolver, Brandon found Vince from Army of Me who was in town doing acoustic stuff. Vince ended up crashing on our couch and played us his album in the morning (as each of us wondered out of our rooms, completely defeated in a killer cold). It's a GORGEOUS album. Simply beautiful. His lyrics are beyond endearing and clever, and his voice is angelic. Some songs sounded like Oasis -- or how they wish they could still write. I LOVE Vince.

I missed going to the Permanent ME video shoot because I couldnt swollow. boo. But Joe McCaffery just sent me photo updates and they look incredible. i can't wait to see the video!!!! permanent me is so fucking good. guh. their album makes me so proud.

Anyway, the Foreign Islands are one of my favorite new bands from New York. They just rule in every single way, and were nice enough to let me post an EXCLUSIVE FOREIGN ISLANDS MP3 on my blog. This band is one of the greatest live bands that i've ever seen and they have some of the most riotstarting songs around these days. Think EMF.


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