Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A few weeks ago I went up to Boston and DJed the Paper party. A reporter named Elizabeth from the Boston Globe hung out with me and Brandon and did a "Hanging With..." piece on me that i just found and LOVE. Check it out. She really captured things prefectly.

I havent been able to sleep for days. I sit there staring out into the night, thinking about things. Over-thinking things. Changing scenarios in my brain... things I should've done. Things I would've done. I've been working on cleansing my system and getting healthy again, and going to bed can sometimes be hard when you've got less toxins in your body. The sad thing is that despite all this insomnia, I'm not going out more. I'm still getting centered.

Monkey got giardia at the dogrun, so I've been dealing with a lot of that. Lots of medicine, feeding her by hand, preparing the doctor recommended dish of chicken and rice. I was supposed to go to Las Vegas last weekend, but I woke up and found blood in her stool and cancelled my trip, which would've been my first time to Vegas... something I was really looking forward to. But priorities are important to have, and she and bella are it!

So this has been my life lately. Cleaning poop. Cleaning rumps. Giving a cat and a dog meds. Trying to find time to eat is really hard.

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