Friday, November 10, 2006


I've been staying indoors a lot lately... staying away from parties, finding cubby holes to hide in. Not sure why. Stress is probably part of it, but that's the way it goes when you're transitioning in your life. Lately I've been trying to figure out if i'm still a kid or not... if i'm an adult or not... and how to have the better balance of both worlds. It's hard to be a kid though, when you find yourself sleeping at 11:30pm every night. I'm gonna get myself back on track tho, this is a promise i made myself yesterday, and it's one i intend on keeping.

Anyone see the Borat movie? During the naked wrestling scene, i found myself laughing so hard that my body physically ached. Karen and I were grabbing for each other's arms so tightly that i probably still have bruises... sadly, gurj missed that scene to go peepee. gurjy make a peepee!!!

Those lame drunken frat dudes who told Borat that women were slaves in their eyes and that it was terrible that the minorities had more power than the general public (???!) are suing the creators of the Borat film. Check it! Booyakasha!

The oohlas are so fucking great. check out this live acoustic video they shot for "liquid generation"... blows my little brain.

And Permanent ME did a video interview with my girl Crystal for Buzznet:
Watch it here.

Something that made me do mini-cartwheels last night was when Brian told me how much he loved the Permanent ME album.... saying that it reminded him of the Cars and that listening to it once was not enough. He said he listens to it all day long! I can't even begin to tell you how much that meant to me from Brian since he's not the type of person to bullshit me on something. You can only imagine the look on his face when i told him that a photo that he took of the band was going to be their album cover!

Every first of the month we've been posting new PM mp3s on their MySpace and PureVolume pages. There's both "Allison" and "Christine" up... on december first the bohemith known as "until you leave" is going up. Tonight, Brian the singer is coming into the city to hang out and i'm gonna introduce him to his label mates in the Horrors. They're the same age, which is so weird to me.

Anyway, i'm tired. i wanna go home a sleep sleep.

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