Sunday, December 24, 2006


As many of you know, i'm a huge killers fan. Kind of a geek about it.

Anyway, they recorded this song for Bono's benefit and it's a pretty amazing song, if i may say so. it features the singer of curve in it too! i know that this song doing well is really important to the band (100% of the sales go to charity, i believe) because brandon texted me the other day to make sure i was blabbing about it to everyone i knew. so here i go.

click the image below to buy it and support RED.

if you happen to see the video on vh1 or mtv, it was directed by Steve Penta -- he is the genius behind the "casa de ultragrrrl" videos. i think it's one of my favorite killers videos because it really captures their personalities in a very disarming kind of way. sort of exactly how those close to them know them.

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