Saturday, December 16, 2006


Lastnight was the Oohlas first ever show in NYC. For those that dont know, I signed them to my label, Stolen Transmission back in February. They were the first band that Rob Stevenson and I approached about signing with us, and so they're kind of like our babies.

Seeing them last night at the Mercury Lounge was unbelievable. They've got 2 other shows scheduled for this weekend (tonight actually), so i was a bit nervous that the place wouldn't have a lot of people. But as I stood at the front of the stage, totally mezmerized by the sexgoddessness of Ollie Stone, I decided to turn around and see if some of my friends were equally as endeared... and much to my delight, the place was completely packed. Mostly dudes there to salivate, but also a bunch of girls lined up at the front looking at their future idol -- myself being one of those girls... Gurj and Jenny Penny being some of the others. Meanwhile, Gideon Yago stood in the back and recieved a shout out from Ollie from stage "This one is for Gideon cause when I was younger and you were younger... ooohhhh...." before launching into "TV Dinners" with the biggest grin on her face.

I stood with Brandon and Jordan Silver and we kept on looking at each other in complete shock by how incredible they were. It was like watching something historic. Jordan was smitten. Brandon loved the band's new drummer Luke, and the room was just puddy in Greg and Ollie and Mark's hands.

There were completely endearing moments when Greg's equiptment kept on freaking out, and while that sort of thing would make a performer nervous, he was just a delight. Played it off so well and continued to make the Oohlas sound like a wall of perfect sound.

After the set, after everyone stood around with the biggest grins on their faces for 20 minutes, I went over to the Annex for the We Are Scientists / NME / Ruff Club party.... I ended leaving about 20 minutes later because I sometimes get quickly overwhelmed by crowds these days. Luckily, as I was leaving, I saw Gideon and Dave and brought them back to my apartment for a drink with Brandon and Jordan. I ended up passing out on the couch for about 20 minutes just to be woken up by the sweet sounds of the four boys playing guitar and singing to each other songs like "who loves the sun" by the velvet underground and "cosmic dancer" by t.rex.

After being joined by Ollie and Speck we then went across the street to Revolver to hear Peter "the Huskey Gentleman" Gaston DJing with a very drunk Gurj Bassi -- fresh from the Crush Management Xmas Party! We thought that the place had rid itself of the "bros" crew, but sadly, the brosephs were in full effect with their cringeworthy girlfriends. One girl ran up to Gideon the second we walked inside and was like "Where do you work?" to which he replied "Uh... MTV," and she replied "I thoooooought soooooooo," and got a bit annoying. She finally walked away after a while only to approach Brandon after Gideon left looking for gidrock. When she was told he left, the girl she was holding by the hand looked very upset. Barf barf barf.

I was delighted to see Mandy and Andrew there at Revolver, but I guess they were overwhelmed and left... but replaced by Jed the lawyer.

I left shortly after arriving because I was suffering from a shitty headache. Ollie and Speck returned with me to watch TV and chill out in a little more lowkey style, but I had to bail after a while due to my headache, and brandon texted me to let me know that he had to cover for gurj in dj duties after she got really ill.

Today Faran and Shruti came over with Thomas Onorato, Jenny Penny, and Karen Plus One to shoot "MADE: I Wanna Be a Hipster". I'm a terrible actress, but holy shit, Jenny Penny is the best. Every time she had to say one of her lines we'd turn to each other and be like "holy shit! jenny!!!!" This is after Karen, Jenny, Gurj and myself realized that we'd be the best adult swim cartoon one day. I dubbed us "hen house" but they didnt like it. Our catch phrases would be as follows:
Me: I dunno....
Karen: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH
Gurj: doyouuuurekon?
Jenny: aaaaaaaah!

really, it's impossible for me to do these things justice without voices. we all have our own, distinct, annoying voice.

OK, I gotta go ... I need to DJ at shindig where the oohlas are playing acoustic, and then heading over to MISSHAPES to see the oohlas and brad walsh perform live! OMG!!!!

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