Saturday, December 30, 2006


Once upon a time, someone had the great idea of having the Horrors perform a 2 or 3 song set in my livingroom -- plugged in. A very special Casa De Ultragrrrl. I agreed to this idea and the Horrors showed up to my apartment (which my amazing boyfriend cleared up before abandoning for the day) with their roadie who set up their gear in my room as if they were about to play Wembley Arena.

I kept on saying "dude, it's just two songs... can i help you set up or something? we gotta get this over with by 6 so i dont get my neighbors angry."

I just waited as this dude set up EVERY LAST PIECE OF GEAR.

One of them strapped on their guitar and the sound of the plug entering the guitar gave me a slight panic attack.

The band then performed "JACK THE RIPPER" as my roommate Gurj and friends said "ARE YOU SURE THIS SHOULD HAPPEN."

about 20 seconds later the cops had been called, the band was blasting music so loud that i think you could hear it at wembly arena... the band got to play, and then i told them to stop before i got thrown out of my building. We packed up. I went to the Syndicate party to DJ and then came home and cried on the couch due to a nervous breakdown the experience gave me.

I cried for literally 3 days. It was weird and inexplicable to anyone that wasn't there....

But now you can watch what caused me to lose my mind:

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