Thursday, December 14, 2006


You know what's funny? Every time I post a bulletin on MySpace about Jared Leto being an incredibly self-indulgent douchehead, i get no less than 50 responses to my bulletin. I dont like picking on people and calling them out, but man, have some of the people closest to me had some of the worst experiences with that dude. Caused people to cry and fear for their safety... BOOOO.

Last night I took Brandon to SushiSamba7 for an early Xmas present. Thats absolutely my favorite sushi restaurant. Their Tuna Tataki is just incredible and my favorite roll to get there is the El Topo, which really shows off their ability to fuze south american and japanese food deliciously. Fusion is my favorite kind... it's like how i like my music -- some of the favorite bits from my favorite artists, reworked into something new. Radiohead + Smashing Pumpkins + Queen = Muse. Joy Division + The Smiths + Justin Timberlake = Interpol.


I'm going to the island def jam holiday party and mark my words: i will dance with jayz. i will dance and i will find ollie and dance with her. spin around and around like a monkey head. ollie is puerto rican, so she moves a lot better than my jewish ass.

A bunch of fantastic Youtubes to spread around:

(from ron perry)

(gurj santa dance by jenny penny)

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