Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver (NEW INTERPOL!!!)

Ok, if any of you people have this song already -- fuck you for not sending it to me immediately.

I tried to find everyone in my address book that might be interested in this track (though, i probably left out a bunch of people since i'm exhausted and havent slept in 24 hours, so i'm also delirious) to send it to. it's fucking triumphant and fantastic. Paul's vocals are urgent and forceful while completely vulnerable. Daniel's guitars are exactly in line with what you'd expect from interpol... which is kinda comforting in a weird way.... in a fuck, bands really dont have to conform even when they get a bagillion dollar advance (which they deserve), kind of way. Oh man, i love the way that Paul sings "oh my god."

this is a song! with a chorus!

and this is me, after a possibly 2 year hiatus from this actually happening, finally having a litter of puppies fall out of my vagina once again. (for those of you who dont understand that reference, i'm really sorry, it was gross, but totally necessary). it feels great.

and this is carlos, no longer the dengler I once knew:

God, this band is everything right with music.

THANK YOU STEREOGUM for the link and photo, which i stole.

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