Wednesday, May 30, 2007


You know I'm a sucker for pets, and so when i got this email today, I started crying and knew I had to help! Please read! AND DONATE HERE:

Dear friends of Pugs 'N Pals,

We at Pugs 'N Pal do not make a habit of going out often for special pleas for donations. We are constantly getting in dogs that are sick and in need and do our best to quietly try to raise money with many different venues. We have many dogs in-house that need on going medical care, especially all the older dogs we get in, that have very little chance of getting adopted and tend to have many health ailments. Due to this our Vet bills are always out of control, at the moment we owe around $25K+ to our vets.

From time to time we get critical cases where we have no choice to go out for a plea for help. As some of you know, we got one of these cases last week, Tessa (see story on below). First, we would like to thank all of you that so kindly responded to our plea and sent in donations for Tessa. This week, unfortunately, we took in another very critical case. We were asked to help Ryan, a 3-4 yr. old Pug that was found running around the streets about 3 weeks ago. The person that found him took him in, but didn't realize how sick Ryan really was. By the time this person contacted us Ryan was in bad shape. We were initially told he was in liver failure. For a split second we considered not taking him in, mainly due to our financial constraints. But at Pugs 'N Pals we feel that these types of dogs are the ones that truly need rescuing and need our help the most.

After getting Ryan it was immediately evident that we were dealing with something much bigger than liver failure. Ryan is 12 lb. and totally emaciated. After many test we found that it appeared he had a stomach blockage. He was too sick and weak to survive surgery. We hoped to get him stronger and keep him going until surgery could be performed. Unfortunately he took a turn for the worse over the weekend and we had no choice but to operate. He would have died if we didn't try. The Vet's found some gauge like material or the stuffing of a toy in his stomach. It appears it has been there a while and caused a lot of damage to his system and he was toxic. To top it all off, it also looks like he might have a liver shunt and he has a severe infection going on in his body. He survived the surgery, but it is touch and go right now. He is so terribly weak and sick that we don't know if he can survive this. We are doing everything humanly possible to save his life, we want him to know that some one CARES!!! If he survives this and we can get him stronger, we will have to address the Liver Shunt, which if not cared for will be deadly. But right now we are taking one step at a time.

As you can imagine, his care will be terribly expensive and we are in DESPERATE need of financial help. We urge you, no beg you, to help in any way you can. If you donated to Tessa's fund recently and can not give any more, we understand. We ask that you try to help in other ways. Pass this information to family, friends, any one and every one that could donate. Have a Garage Sale, sell candy at work, a car wash drive, a party where people pay a charge to attend, anything you can thing of all in Ryan's name. If you know any one that can donate a big item, like a TV, Camera, etc so we can put it up for Auction on E-bay for Ryan that would be wonderful.

Please send donations to: Pugs ‘N Pals, Rally for Ryan Fund, P.O. Box 9343 Newport Beach, CA 92658 or through Pay Pal.

PLEASE PLEASE help us help Ryan, let him know he matters!

We thank you and appreciate you
Pugs 'N Pals


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