Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Besides being really hot, fucking nice as shit, and an amazing photographer... Brad Walsh just revealed himself to me as being a pretty fucking sick remixer.

Check out this remix he did:
Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head

And check out his photos of friday's Stolen Transmission party RIGHT HERE

Here are two of my favorite photos:

This is Ginny and Chris. I just love the composition of this photo and the all around adorableness of it.

And this photo of Brian making out with my intern Kerri...

Which kind of looks like the cover of this My Chem album to me:


heykerri said...

i was actually aiming for the "my chem three cheers for sweet revenge" look when this photo was taken ..............

if i knew that it was being taken. but my favorite it probably the one of you pointing at this scene for brad to take a photo of.

mane said...

LOVE the remix!
thanks for posting it - it makes me happy :)

blazers suits said...

Very nice! great pose for sweet revenge album cover.

Harold said...

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