Sunday, December 16, 2007


Wednesday started off a little different than normal with Brandon leaving for a short UK tour. Additionally, I had a 1pm lunch date with my friend Ron in the garment district and had a terrible idea of attempting to ride my bike there. I hopped on my bike and everything seemed ok... I had my bike on a gear combo that was comfortable and was striding by nicely when suddenly, I became really tired. I trudged down the street getting more and more worn out, but figured that if I just kept with it, at least to the 1/9 subway, that I would've worked out enough to give me a lot of lasting energy for later that evening when I was due to hang out with my friend Baron and his girlfriend. I WAS RIGHT! Oh, and I nearly hit Tina Fey while thinking about how amazing 30 Rock is. Next time I'll fantacize about what a great person Brad Pitt is.

So I go to meet Baron and Gina (his gf) at Cube63 on Clinton St at about 9 but he's running so I sit down and wait for him and start listening to the couple next to me.
Guy: "Are you jealous by how comfortable I am."
Girl: "No."
Guy: "Lemme see your boots. I'm hard now from your colorful socks. Lets
get out of here and get stoned."
Girl: "I don't want to smoke."
Guy: "What?! Then why did I just make that call?!"

It was bizarre, but by the time Nick Snow and Gurj came to meet up with us, and we moved onto our second bottle of sake our conversations turned outrageous. The thing about Baron is that he's your friend most likely to get naked and cover a bar with crisco so he can slide down it (he has), or get naked and start hulahooping in your bedroom while Brian Battjer films him (which has happened). Everyone needs a Baron in their life. I thought the coversations couldn't get any worse than Baron loudly announcing a story about the time he tried to embarass me by thrusting his balls in my face but then Gina started telling an unrepeatable story that ended up basically clearing out the restaurant. It couldn't have been *that* bad since some lady from Lola y Maria gave gurj two coupons to the store.

So we left Cube63 and went back to my house to play guitar hero to kill time before heading out for the night. About 30 min later Baron went running towards the bathroom, but not before projectile vomiting on my wall. I know this sounds dumb, but that was fucking awesome. I had no problem cleaning it up cos it meant that the night was heading in the right direction.

We leave my apt around 12 and head over to Annex for High Voltage where we met up with Vin Galvin. It was fucking packt like sardines in thereso we had a quick drink and went to 205 to see what was going on there. When we arrived the door girl asked if we wanted to get a bottle. Naturally gurj and I said no but Baron was like "yeah, lets get a bottle!" So we got a bottle of Kettle One and sat around drinking. Nick Snow ended up puking in the middle of dancing. An hour later we finished our bottle and went to 2nd on 2nd, but it was closing and Lucky Chengs was too, so we went back to Annex, but Nick and Vin decided to take a piss on the street so we lost them. When we got back to Annex it was still crowded so Baron and Gina loaded me and Gurj into their cab where we headed up to the Waldorf Astoria where they were staying (why not?). Gina popped open a bottle of champagne and an hour later we were doing the cartwheels down the hall.

Here's me and Gina playing Guitar Hero!

Me and Baron and a bottle K1 makes three. At 205

Vince, Gina, Gurj and Nick Snow ... who happens to look very happy just before puking on the floor.

the four of them again.... vinny lurkin.

Me, Baron and Nick met on a message board in 2000/2001. We've been friends ever since and I've had some of the strongest relationships I've had with the people I met on that board.

Gina and Baron

This photo sort of describes the night.

If this photo could speak, it'd say "SPRING BREAK!!!!"

failed gang sign, obviously.

The end of the night... at the waldorf.


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I wanna party with Baron! Come to SXSW in '08!

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