Wednesday, December 12, 2007


About a year ago Dan Hunter from PlayRadioPlay came over to do a "Casa De Ultragrrrl" in my apartment. Monkey decided to sit in on the cuteness:


Anonymous said...

oh monkey you are freakin adorable

Anonymous said...

yours truly said...

ok so.
1. your dog is the cutest thing, uh, ever.
2. i saw that you're gonna be on a new vh1 show and i got really excited because i think you're pretty damn cool, but that also kinda makes me sad because
3. now the rest of the public at large is getting in on the secret of the awesomeness of sarah l.
4. i love how dedicated you are to your's so much better to know that their support and promotion is for the right reasons .

Elizabeth Curran said...

Monkey is a cutie cutie cute!
I miss lil monkey!
Smooches going to Monkey of 3A!
And Bella!