Thursday, December 27, 2007


Sorry I've been so MIA. I guess I've been actually having too much fun with life lately, which is a good thing. I havent felt this calm and relaxed and back to myself in years. It feels amazing. I've been watching insane amounts of Law & Order and falling in love with Vincent Di'Onofrio. I've been going out to parties and walking into rooms dancing(!!!). I've been riding my bike and clipping coupons and cooking up storms. I made a salad with citrus dressing and tempura goat cheese balls and gnocchi (store bought) with gorgonzola sauce (from scratch!) Brandon's family bought me a 12-piece cooking set for the holidays and so, i'm a little too excited about that (thank you !!!!!). I've been living on a budget, but drinking champagne. I went to see Innerpartysystem open for the Bravery and stood up front and danced til I got dizzy and said hi to everyone i used to work with and gave them hugs and demanded that they buy me drinks. I was on this MTV2 show as a "celebrity judge" which made me laugh... but I predicted the winning band, which made me delighted. I went to NJ with IDJ peeps for Milo's Christmas party and was saddened by the lack of mexican items in his house... however, we arrived on his doorstep singing "Feliz Navidad". I went to Leigh's boyfriend's Max's housewarming party and then to Feng-Feng's Happy Ending party with Geo and was whisked to a table and had a bottle of champaign thrown infront of me. We saluted to life but i had to leave early since a "last toke ever" ruined my ability to stand. Last night i went to Joe Mccaffreys and his parents are amazing and decided to share their knowledge of alcohol/cheese/cookie pairings... so i had stilton cheese and primadonna cheese on oatmeal crackers paired up with port wine (which tastes a lot like manishewitz.... the kosher wine i drink on shabbat), and chocolate cookies with whiskey! I also tried espresso vodka for the first time and it's delish.

A lot of fun things have been happening and I need to document them! I need to document them here!

Tomorrow, Ollie Stone from the Oohlas and Ryann from Schoolyard Heroes are both coming to crash at the new ST headquarters (my apartment!). We're gonna have a little bit of a lost weekend, i think, that might last a week.

Today I came home from Brandon's family's place on Long Island and accidently took a full pill of adderoll (i've finally been diagnosed ADD), instead of my normal half pill and did 2 loads of dishes, made balsamic pasta salad, 5 loads of laundry, changed a lightbulb that's 12 feet high, cleaned the kitchen... woooooooooooah. I finally crashed after 2 glasses of champ, a glass of wine, and two beers. I was put in bed and woke up about an hour ago and started cleaning my bathroom.

Now I'm sitting in my livingroom, watching L&O, updating my blog, and waiting for Ollie to land in 1.5 hours. I'M SO EXCITED!

I need to sleep but i can't. ack!

If you've missed the friday night party at the hanger bar that karen and I throw, you've been missing a legitimately fun time. Its a friend-type hang, like orchard bar was, where you lose time, get drunk, have deep conversations in some corner, dance like a bar mitzvah kid, get boozed up, leave with stories.... last week Kele from Bloc Party showed up outta no where to DJ for a bit at like 3am. This week, Ollie from the Oohlas and Ryann from Schoolyard Heroes will be lending their musical tastes.

The Hanger Bar
3rd street btw B and C. NYC
11pm - 4am.
Dec 28th. 2007.

DJs the Tarts of Pleasure (ultragrrrl & karenplusone), plus: Ryann from Schoolyard Heroes and Ollie from the Oohlas.

Now, time to find some Tylenol PM!


Anonymous said...


My name is Jimmy Valentime

I talked to you at angel and kings once this past summer....

you looked really cute on the Vh-1 special about 90's music

i know your a Rock a girl but i do
hip-hop stuff hear

Also i am a Blogger toooo... groan

Have a Great New Years,


Lawrence said...

ADD is a made up disease, promoted by the pharmaceutical companies to sell more pills to kids.

Also, you use too many exclamation points! You write like you're manic! You're feeding into your haters' characterization of you!

veritas said...

wow you are like really,really,really,really,really, up ha ha ,and i didnt know you know how to cook,that makes you 10 times more awesome in my book,so are you going to be doing cart wheels @the hanger bar????ha ha =o))))))

MEIK! said...

oh ollie is a dream. do get in to many shenanigans with her.

Anonymous said...

totally off topic, but w/e.
it's absolutely amazing!
and, i got a $50 iTunes gift card to go with it.
bwa ha ha.

Anonymous said...

ahhh yes, the book that started it all...ohhhh sarah I am so happy that you are happy, but i must say i am a bit jealous just sitting here in boring old sacramento!

I cant wait to get me some hanger bar when i come hooommme :)

Aimee said...

oh sarah it sounds like youre having the time of your life and i'm glad to hear it. also, like samantha, i must get over to hanger bar (FINALLY) when i'm back in the city in january. MISS YOU!

Anonymous said...

do you ever sober up and think

Anonymous said...

it was rad seeing you, sarah!
i'll email you some photos i took at your party.


CrackaBetch said...

I know what you mean about L&O. But it's on way too much! That's probably why it's so easy to get into, lol.
I'm way more into stabler than Goren these days. But I saw this movie with Vincent D'Onofrio that was quite interesting. It was called Guy, I think.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend a good red wine with stilton. They really compliment each other.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend a good red wine with stilton. They really compliment each other.

Anonymous said...

I saw you on MTV2, last night, for the Dew Breakout contest. That reminded me to come to your blog.

Matt Pagirsky always speaks highly of you.

ollie tamale said...

if ya'll get a chance to sober up and think, you should reeeeallllly think about joining us tonight, cause riann and i are gonna go off. i may give u shots of prickly pear vodka, straight from my homeland of phoenix, arizona. see you there!!

Anonymous said...

just a quick note to say ST is a great record company, i really like alot of the bands, and have seen the oohlas when they came to boise, great show, alittle 2 many kids there though! well anyhow. keep up the blog, been reading it for a few years now it seems :P

oh since i see ollie reads this too. thanks for coming to boise it was a great show...

Anonymous said...

what a great advert for adderol. you're so cute.

but try to get some rest.

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