Friday, December 7, 2007


If you werent there last week, believe me... we noticed.

ST Fridays at the Hanger Bar are officially off the ground and running, and if you can't remember last week's launchfest, you:

a) weren't there and therefore have a ton of explaining to do and a lot to make up for.


b) were there and partook in our DJ booth bottle of mind-eraser, thus ending up in a deserted bathroom, making out with one of My interns.

Which category do YOU want to be in?

Come together. Tonight. 11 pm - 4 am.

THE HANGER BAR. 3rd btw B and C.



Anonymous said...

sarah, you shpuld try crest whitestrips. they work pretty well. and fuck idj. holla!

lola ray said...

Wow!! ITS ELLEN!!!

I am so happy your are updating more. I like to live vicariously(sp?) through you and it is much easier when the updates are rolling.

Heard new stuff from Oohlas the other day. It jams SO HARD!! Can't wait to see what is next for you.
Take care,

The Dagger said...

the "are i's" are actually a two headed beast. i'm glad someone finaly caught this on film.

i'm obvs the evil twin...

Anonymous said...

i missed it again! sorry, i know i drunkenly swore that joe and i would be attending but guess who continued to drink all thursday night and then spent friday hovering over the toilet! hint: it wasn't joe.

i will make it there soon, it was really good seeing you the other night in your pretty lipstick

Anonymous said...

Girl from pic 5 looks lovely. Bald guy is sooo lucky.