Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The PlayRadioPlay album, Texas, is out today. I'm currently downloading the album on iTunes, and i think it'll surprise people... at least based on what I heard while I was still in IDJ offices. PRP! was always on IDJ, but ST released the EP... so it's all family.

While we were all still there, me, Alex Shenitsky, Joanna Noyes, Kanani Yates, and Eric Speck made this video to one of the PRP songs... it goes with what the actual video was:

I've been having some really tripped out dreams lately. The other day i had a dream i was eddie murphy's teenaged/20-something daughter and having an illicit affair with him. Last night I had a dream that my mom called me from the Knitting Factory where she was at a secret show for Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, and My Chemical Romance... and I couldn't make it or something.

My dream then seiged into me at a furniture shop with Rob Stevenson, buying couches for our new Stolen Transmission offices. We were trying out a bunch of them and he was saying stuff to me about how we got fucked with our JV deal with IDJ and now we can only afford the floor samples. We then ended up in the part of the store that was actually someone's house getting restrored. The construction workers were putting in all new things, but what surprised me the most was that it took 3 workers (plus a pulley) to install a tiny flower pot with tiny fake flowers.

Sometimes I wonder if my dreams are trying to tell me something.

In addition to my new writing job for Almack's Dance Hall, my dad is going to teach me how to get into the whole eBay thing. He started, sort of accidentally, a couple years ago, working day and night because he can sometimes get a bit obsessive, and now he can afford to take my mom away on incredible vacations every other month, which is nice because of the heartattack she had last year. Her doctors told me it was fairly serious, and that kind of caused me to lose my mind for a breif period of time, which caused my work and relationships to suffer as I felt personally responsible for her ill-health (Jewish Guilt, obviously).

Ugh, I just found out that my friend Max's father passed away. I sent condolences and called his girlfriend to see if there's anything I can do. This is so sad. I'm going to go. bye.


The Dagger said...

i'm back to loving both your blogs.

totally into the adventures of the new one, and i'm glad to see lots of rad posts in this one too.

geeew, what a dork i am.

Anonymous said...

did you see the PRP! feature in rolling stone?

Mans Suit said...

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