Thursday, June 2, 2005


Nightmare of You is playing tonight at the Delancey. I can't stress enough how good this band is. Come to see them tonight at 11pm at the Delancey.

Here's what Gurj had to say about it:

Saturday I headed to Long Island with Sarah and Tara to go to the Crazy Donkey show, a fire benefit gig with Head Automatica and Nightmare of You, who by the way are fucking amazing. I HIGHLY recommend that you listen out for these guys because from the sounds of their EP, they can only hit it big time. At first look they’re young, cute and their image screamos EMOOO but then as soon as they start playing you’re like, “Erm, hold on a minute, what the fuck?! This shit is amazing!” The lyrics hark Morrissey’s dry, sharp wit and the beats are like dance rock, with INSANELY infectious hooks.

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