Thursday, June 16, 2005


Tuesday night, I had three objectives:
1. Hang out with Jenny LSQ.
2. Go to the West Village to see Tracey Pepper.
3. DJ at the Interpol afterparty.

So I was sitting in my apartment, tidying up, when Rob Hitt starting IMing me saying he was with Mikey, Jeanna, and Seva and that they wanted to hang out. So I invited them to come over cause I really wanted to see Mikey since I don't get to see him so often since he's always on tour, and I love Jeanna and NEVER see her, Seva is pretty to look at and nice, and Rob is unreal to be around, plus I knew that Jenny wouldn't mind and I let them know that I would have to split by 9:30 to get drinks with TP. I was stoked.

The following photos were taken by Seva. He's in a band called Like Yesterday and they're Like, Great.

This is Rob and Mikey outside my apartment. The colorful gates go around a grade school playground by my building, which also used to be a school:

It was hot as fuck outside, so I think that's why Rob's pants are cuffed, unless he's attempting to start a new fashion trend, which is entirely possible. I assume that Bayside is an emo band. Mikey is such a fashionista. His sunglasses are perscription Chanel (which caused Lindsay to jokingly say "now you cant make fun of me for having exboyfriends who wear sunglasses indoors!" ... "they're perscription and he doesnt have his regular glasses with him"... "D'Oh!!!"), I like Misfits sneakers and his Thursday shirt that is an homage to Joy Division... which if you look at the poster above my head, you will see that I'm a big Joy Division fan.

The puzzled look on my face is due to Rob. I love Rob. I want to marry Rob one day so I can grow old with him since I think he'll entertain me forever with his personality. His personality is identical to Larry David's from Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's slightly unbelievable and incredibly amazing. His personality is the opposite of mine, and I fucking adore it. For instance, when I IM him at 2 am to see if he's out, he sometimes replies with "I can't, I'm sorting out the finances of my label, making sure all the bands get the proper amount of royalties..." He likes math, so I can only assume that this sort of is a fun night for him. I like his fashion mullet.

At the point the above photo was taken, Jenny LSQ had come over and BrandonR called and I told him to come over. Brandon, Jenny, and myself had been in stitches for about 30 minutes because of the shit Rob was saying. Brandon thinks that Rob should have his own reality show, and I agreed, so I started eyeing my room for a place to put a hidden camera to capture Rob's personality.

Brandon, Mikey and Jeanna had to peace, so the rest of us watched TiVo'ed episodes of the Family Guy when the doorbell rang and standing there were our new neighbors. Not wanting to be a couple of Goons, we invited them in and showed them the apartment. Brandon was bummed out that he missed meeting my new neighbors.

Unfortunately, because my schedule got offset by our surprise guests, I had to skip out on going to the west village for TP's drinks. This bummed me out since I didn't try to get tickets to the Interpol show in favor of seeing her.

Ah well.

So then Brandon came back over with his friend Brooke and Josh stopped by as well.

It's so fucking cute how the boys are crossing their legs. And look at Brandon's pink shirt! Pink is the new cute boy's shirt. Also: Holes in jeans are SO IN. Josh loves fashion. He's got a Chanel ring AND tattoo, and I saw the scarf he's wearing on the waist of some starlet, but I can't remember whom. The boys i know LOVE Chanel more than all the girls i know combined. Also, all the boys on that couch are so cute that i want to punch their faces in and throw them out the window or in the microwave. I would eat them, but they're so skinny that I'd be hungry afterwards.

Seva went to meet up with Mark and Dennis at Happy Endings and came back shortly after with the boys and a couple of their lady friends.

Mark is really sweet and has this incredibly raspy, manly voice and wears eyeliner. I like having him around and Karen and I plan on recording a song with him. If you look at my table you might see a red can of Liquid Cereal in Fruit Flavors. I got a can of Liquid Cereal the first (well, technically the second) time I ever met Josh. I went to his office which he shares with his brother's manager to hear his brother's album. Apparently they got sent a couple of cases of these cans of gross and so Josh gave me a can. I thought he was really weird when I met him. He still drinks that shit and I tried it once, and basically it's like the milk left at the bottom of a cereal bowl after you've eaten cereal.

Also on the table is a rough draft copy of my new book. It's really small and pocket sized, like me. When the boys saw it they did immitations of me turning the pages of a real sized book, which required both hands and running from side to side. I am STOKED on my book. It looks great. Next to my book is a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. This is the best BBQ sauce I've ever had. Rob liked it so much that he emailed himself the info about the BBQ sauce so he could by it himself. It's THAT good. Get it now, it's perfect for BBQs. Also, you might notice the champagne flutes with some brown liquid in them. I couldnt find shot glasses (cause nobody in my house does shots ... ever), so i had to put shots in those glasses. So klassy.

You might notice the police line up thing behind Mark's head. I put that up a couple of years ago and used to make people take lineup photos whenever they came over. Then i lost all my photos and got so upset that I stopped taking photos... plus my camera was stolen, so that made it impossible.

Seva liked it and took a photo of me and Dennis lined up. Dennis is really tall and I'm not. I'm shocked Seva was able to get us in the same frame. Please ignore my bad hair.

We found this to be really funny.

After these photos were taken we all headed over to La Caverna where, to my surprise, my friend John was there with some mutual friends! John sings in Vega4, which is Bruce's band. I love Bruce so much. He's like a ball of wonderful wrapped in marshmellows. Vega4's songs have been playing on OnDemand and the commercial for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I'm stoked to see things working out for them, and I was so stoked to see John. We tried so many times to meet up, and finally it happened by accident. John was so sweet to me even though the last time I met him I might've been a bit looney. Infact, this time i saw him I might've been a bit wacky and drunk.

Patrick also came with his youth group. We were drunk and danced to songs and just kept on saying "wow, i'm so drunk!" over and over again and I kept on giving Patrick drink tickets. He also has a fashion mullet. I saw his band last night and they were great and dreamy. Marc Spitz thinks they sound like Catherine Wheel. After their show, Lizzy asked Patrick how he was doing and he started singing "I've got AIDS, not HIV but full blown AIDS." I love imposing the Family Guy onto others.

Anyway, the interpol afterparty was a blast, but the times leading up to that were the best part. My apartment is the new black.

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