Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I can't believe I didn't write about this sooner: Did anyone see Family Guy on Sunday? Holy Shit... how the fuck do they get away with this shit like last week's episode? Totally unreal.

Now you may be wondering to yourself, what was so unreal about it, Sarah?

When trying to prove a point that he's good at delivering bad news, there's a flashback of Peter in a barber shop quartet singing the following:

You have AIDS
(Yes, you have AIDS)
I hate to tell you boy, that you have AIDS
(You've got the AIDS)
You may have caught it when you stuck that filthy needle in here.
(Or maybe all the unprotective sex that you hear)
It isn't clear.
(But what we're certain of is...)
You have AIDS
(Yes, you have AIDS)
Not HIV but full blown AIDS!
Be sure that you see, that this is not HIV
But full blown AIDS!
Not HIV but
Full blown AIDS!
I'm really sorry, I wish it were something less serious.
But it's AIDS!
You've got the AIDS!

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