Thursday, June 30, 2005


The Stolen Transmission showcase at rothko on july 13. fuck. i'm so excited for this. five o'clock heroes, spinto band and nightmare of you. plus you can buy the spinto band and NOY single at the show... maybe the heroes single too. i'm la di da happy. the show will either be free or $5 or something alongthose lines. it'll be delightful.

do you have any idea how good this show will be? wow.


you know what just exploded while thinking of it?

do you know?

do you?
it exploded.


by the way.
the way i will explain this post is that i went to the elleeeeegirl party. it was open bar. they had alize snowcones and krispy kreme doughtnuts and holes andi stuck five holes in my mouth at once and dry heaved to teh point where i had to spit out the lil balls into a napkin in my hand. it was sexy. then ok go and phantom planet performed and some girl showed up dressed like lindsay llohan and i wanted to stick my tongue down her lil pretty teenaged throat. instead i danced sexy with gay boys. aaron carter was there. i didnt see him. i hope they ran into each other.

hello open bar. goodbye cuation.

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