Friday, June 24, 2005


I just wanna say that the overwhelmingly positive response to the last post was really great. Having friends and readers tell me (in person, IM or email) that they were inspired to get tested as a result was insanely rewarding and I hope everyone's results are as good as mine, and if they're not, that's ok. Thanks to improvements in medicine and education on the virus, people have been able to live incredibly long and full lives. Some people can even live healthy without medication. Two years ago I was hailing a cab on the LES when a woman approached me asking if I was going uptown on the east side, and if so, could she share my cab since none were coming by for whatever reason. I told her sure and once in the cab, she told me about herself and how, for the past 22 years, she had been HIV+. She said she never took any meds and never passed the virus to her husband (whom died a few years earlier from Hepatitis C). The virus affects people differently, and so doctors often had her come in to do blood work so they could discover how come she was alright. Hopefully, one day soon, HIV/AIDS will just be a thing of the past, or something that people don't have to be so scary about. HIV is no longer a death sentance.

That said...


Tonight I'm DJing at Orchard Bar like I do on every friday night. My co-Tart is sadly in Los Angeles for work, so it'll be me... and some possibly wonderfully surprise guest DJs. Come down and show your support, please.

Also, tomorrow night I'm going to be DJ at the Delancey for a really great show:
The Living Things

They're like the Stooges meets BRMC. Definitely worth checking out.

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