Sunday, June 19, 2005


One of my favorite staples of the Lower East Side scene during the summer is a food stand my friend once dubbed the Hipster Bar-B-Que -- when the sun comes down, he comes out to feed our alcoholed bellys with smiles and general sweetness. The man behind the Hipster BBQ is cute boy named Sam who looks like he could've been in some Long Island emo band and he's been a total Godsend on some nights, selling food at 4am to the drunks on the corner of Stanton and Ludlow. Alright, so what makes this hotdog stand better than the rest? I'll tell you: he sells hotdogs, veggie dogs, bbq chicken sandwhices, kimchi dogs, and i guess some other stuff, but I haven't tried them yet. So while I'm pulling up to the Darkroom at 2am and realize that I've forgotten to eat that day (which happens a lot these days... i'll be hanging out and at 1am I'm like "fuck, i forgot to eat today!"... I never realized my memory would ever get to be THAT bad), for $2 i can get myself a veggie dog and be stoked. If I have an extra couple of bucks I can buy my friends a dog and together we can pretend that we're at some really cool BBQ.

Anyway, last night I went to the Hipster BBQ and Sam fed me before I went into Pianos to see the Spinto Band. The band was fantastic and watching them I got really excited about the Stolen Transmission showcase on July 13. Between them, the Five O'Clock Heroes, and Nightmare of You, I'm going to have one fucking amazing show going on. I'd love to make the show free, but I need to pay the bands, so I think I'm going to charge as LITTLE as I possibly can, unless I can find a way to save up money and pay the bands out of my pocket, which would be considered "bad business practices" but, uh... I never went to business school so I can plead ignorance.

So back to the Spinto Band... the group is absolutely adorable in a little brother kind of way. They look like, and probably are, a bunch of college kids. They don't dress particularly cool or have fancy haircuts or wear make-up and that's fine with me. On stage they look like they're having a great time, swaying and dancing from side to side like they were playing their favorite supergrass covers and imagined that that's how Gaz would dance. People have been comparing them to the Arcade Fire a lot, and I can see that in the way the singer sings a lot like David Byrne and how their songs aren't typical. Anyway, if you're in NYC on July 13 you can see them for yourself.

After the Spinto Band I went to Misshapes cause that's what one does on a Saturday Night. Paul from Franz Ferdinand and his wife Esther were booked to DJ so I was excited cause I've never heard them DJ before, and not only that, but Barry from Scotland was in town as well to do a story for the NME about Franz and so he was at Misshapes. I haven't seen Barry in ages, not since he kept on cornering Brandon Flowers at the Darkroom a bunch of months ago to tell him that he loved him. That's why I love Barry. He's very scottish. Very sincere and warm.

Paul and Esther started DJing quite late, I think, because when I got up to the dance floor at around four, they were there DJing songs like "I Like to Move It" without a shred of irony and I booty danced around with the trouble twins, Mike and the Captain until I realized that I should go home, which I did a half hour later. The thing I love most about Misshapes is the lounge area downstairs. Last night I kept on referring to it as the old people section cause it's where me and my friends tend to gravitate to during the course of the evening, and most of my friend are over 23. Most of Misshapes is under that, which is why i love it. 3 or 4 people were wearing Bauhaus t-shirts, including my brother, and I started bumming out that I didnt wear mine. My favorite shirt of the night though, belonged to Nick Manske. It was a white shirt with a sad face drawn in marker with "I Love You" written underneath. Nick is absolutely adorable, so he can pretty much pull off anything like suspenders and look cool.

Anyway, this post is going no where so i'm going to go.

Signing Off. This is General Disarray.

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