Friday, July 8, 2005


I started a new job the other week (in addition to my label and book... something about idle hands and the devil or something... must stay busy) and have been listening to the free radio broadcast that offers up. It's so good. Right now i'm listening to the Pixies and earlier there was a Muse song and before then was Nivana... it's the best radio station that Karen has ever turned me on to.

Check out photos from fashion shows during Paris' Fashion Week.

I'm ashamed of my score of 75% on this quiz of who's a jew.

Also, the Tarts of Plezza are DJing on monday at a super club called NA in the city. We really want to bring a big crowd down there cause there's an OPEN BAR from 10-11pm. So if you, or anyone you know, wants to come down, please email me so i can make sure you're all sorted:

oh, and...

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