Friday, July 29, 2005


Holy shit. i just compiled the numbes... i dont want to share them all, because i dont have the spinto band here with me to give permission... but brandon from nightmare of you is over and he said it's ok for me to say how much they sold... 199 copies in 4 days! holy shit. we're almost on the second pressing in only a couple days! it took me 4 weeks (if not more) to sell that many louis xiv singles. WOWZERS. Thanks!

These photos were just taken right now...

Here is Brandon and Jordan celebrating Jordan's birthday and the face brandon is giving me is to convince me to not take down the link for the ep sales:

This is what the NOY single looks like... it's sitting on top of a bed of roses.

This is Jordan's girlfriend Feng-Feng (Fun-Fun), and Jordan's roommate Obediah:

This is Karen

And just for fun, this is a photo that Brian took of Jordan spoon feeding Brandon some cereal:

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