Saturday, July 30, 2005


Lastnight I had a sleepover after the Stolen Transmission Orchard Bar party. It was just me, BrandonR, Karen, Leigh, and Sean Dack Attack. We piled in here at around 4:30am and managed to only get through half an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" before Brandon had his head on a pillow on my lap, Karen had her head on a pillow on Brandon's hips, Leigh was passed out behind a door, Sean was semi awake and smoking a cigarette next to Leigh, and I was passed on on the coner of my couch. By the time morning rolled in, my roommate Brian was already about to leave the house for Korea.

We amazingly were not completely useless the whole day. After picking up food at Teany (which we ate back at mine), and watching more brain-numbing TV, Leigh declared that she wanted to help me out by making some Nightmare of You singles (i think she was inspired by me saying "holy shit! 20 more singles sold overnight... this is gonna take forever to make!).

Now, the NOY singles are incredibly intricate to make. They're covered in real-life rose petals that are either applied while the flowers are still fresh or dried. Last night I picked up 10 dozen roses, plucked them all, and put them in a tub. There was no way i could wait for them all to dry. Leigh's interest in arts&crafts couldn't have been better matched.

Here is Leigh making some of the singles:

This is Karen and Brandon watching TV:

This is Sean watching something on TV over Leigh's head:

Then I delegated some help from Brandon, so this is him making the cover cards:

This is a closeup of Brandon writing them up:

After a few hours of doing this (and finally completing 25 cd artworks), Josh came over to hang out and bring me a super awesome necklace that he bought me. Everyone finally decided to go home so they could shower and Josh decided to take a nap on my couch.

This is Josh waking up from a nap:

This is the mess that making the single (and getting into rose petal fights) causes:

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