Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I've had these boys in my life lately that have been spending nearly every waking hour of their lives in my apartment, sitting on my couch, sleeping on my floor, eating the last of my roommates' food. They come out with me everywhere, they make me laugh, they make me smile, they make sure I look cute when I leave the house and they make sure that we tivo all the best shows.

This situation has been going on for about a month, if not more, and I amazingly don't have a name for these boys. My harem? The Boyfriends II? The Boytoys? Boytoy Jordan? Boytoy Brandon? Boytoy Josh? Boytoy Brian? Boytoy Geordan? Boytoy Ryan? I can't figure it out. I also have girls over ... would they be Boytoy Karen? Boytoy Leigh? Boytoy Ellen? Do I have a pussy posse?

Anyway, Jordan and I were watching the Harem's new favorite show, Blowout, when he came up with the genius idea for a drinking game:
Everytime Johnathan says his name: Johnathan, you have to take a shot.

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