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How is it possible that I totally forget nearly everything in my life these days (don’t answer that Karen or Rob)? Not just appointments but spans of time. The other day someone asked me if I had fun on Monday night. What the fuck was Monday night? I still don’t remember but I think it had something to do with me hanging out with BrandonR on my couch and talking about how cool shit can be. I believe Karen was involved in this, as was Jordan since he’s usually at my house (or waiting at my doorstep, or sitting on my couch) everyday by 7pm.

I just had to IM Karen, aka the working side of my brain, to remind me:
Ultragrrrl: what did we do on monday night?
Ultragrrrl: is that when jordan and feng-feng and brandon came oveR?
KarenPlusOne: hahahaha
KarenPlusOne: um
KarenPlusOne: yes
KarenPlusOne: i came over after the vaux show
KarenPlusOne: you vacuumed
KarenPlusOne: allegedly
Ultragrrrl: I DID.
Ultragrrrl: did you not notice?
Ultragrrrl: and then what?
KarenPlusOne: i went home
Ultragrrrl: didnt i go somewhere?
KarenPlusOne: yeah, was that the boat night?
Ultragrrrl: OH RIGHT. the frying pan.
KarenPlusOne: yes
KarenPlusOne: (as in , yes!)
Ultragrrrl: I went there with brian. we didnt stay long cause it was hot.

So that might explain things. Brandon came over so we could go together to the Vaux (they’re emormous) show at Mercury Lounge. I had taken a Ritalin that day (it is a street drug after all… maybe Tom Cruise isn’t too crazy) and found myself cleaning my house like a little elf (kill your elf). I kept on shuffling Brando all over the place as I sorted shit out and Mr. Cleaned the surfaces. When I dragged my vacuum out of the closet I noticed it was acting weird so I turned it upside down and proceeded to attempt to fix it only to discover that a piece had been broken and unfixable. But while I tried to fix it, we ended up missing Vaux, which Karen informs me was a big miss. Bummer.

So everyone came over and we watched TV and tried out the new Blowout game that Jordan invented (which might explain why I can’t remember Monday).

Brian, Meredith, and I headed over to the Frying Pan for the Vice party that The Living Things were performing at with Har Mar Superstar. There was lots of awesome rock and a bunch of cute boys to touch and kiss, but I was in a humid daze and could hardly function. Sean Dak Attack ushered my lost body around the boat and eventually I ushered my body home.

Tuesday night I went to the “Last Days” premier and already wrote about that. It was sexy.

Wednesday night I went to see Vintz’s band Army of Me at the pier with Karen, Brandon and Josh. We danced and waited in line for autographs and got used to the smell of dying fish quickly. I bid the homies farewell and went to Brooklyn to reunite the Ex-Lovers… my DJ coupling with Miss ModernAge. I had been up til the wee hours the night before and had to wake up early that morning for a meeting at work so I found myself literally falling asleep in the DJ booth whenever I wasn’t DJing. MsMod looked gorgeous by the way. Fucking beautiful like a little Chinese angel I want to miniaturize and keep in my pocket.

We were in BK to DJ the Vicious 2nd Anniversary. Audrey and Jasper have done such an amazing job of putting on some amazing shows for the past two years, and this show was easily the best yet. Pretty much everyone is a buzz about Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and appropriately so. Everyone is comparing them to the Talking Heads and Arcade Fire, but I also hear a bit of the Longpigs in them. There’s a dreaminess to them that will make you float to somewhere prettier than where you are now – even if it’s the prettiest place you’ve ever been or the floor of a DJ booth as you try to gain consciousness. After the show I started chatting with this guy that I thought was cute. I asked him if he liked CYHSY and he looked at me funny, then giggled sweetly and said “Well, yeah, I’m in the band.” I felt foolish but he was so sweet and totally understanding when I told him that I couldn’t see the faces… just figures… from way back where I was.

After CYHSY came the impossibly gorgeous Saints+Lovers. I wish they performed earlier in the night because by the time they came on stage everyone was exhausted, but the people that did stay and brave it out, witnessed, as always, a truly remarkable performance by the band. I will never get over their cover of Joy Division’s “Atmosphere” (out soon on stolen transmission singles!). They might not know it now, but the people who had to go home early will be kicking their own asses in a little while when they realize what they missed.

OK, now for something truly hilarious:

So about 5 years ago I had a desk job just like most people and needed a way to waste away my day. My friend Travis turned me onto the message board on his website, Buddyhead, and I became addicted because the kids on there were really funny, clever, and had great taste in music. So I got to sit around and have decent discussions about bands that I liked, movies I just saw, and other stupid shit. A lot of really cool people from all over the world posted on that message board that I later became really good friends with in real life. Some of those people went on to become rockstars, some went on to become writers, some went on to be designers, some went on to have babies. Most of us have all stayed in touch and make plans to hang out whenever we can.

One of the people who posted on that msg board said she was recording artist Amanda Ghost. This didn’t really phase many people because a lot of other musicians used to post on the board and she seemed cool and also, nobody had heard of her. But like anyone else on the board we all became invested in her because she was a regular and really sweet and funny.

Some of us got excited when her songs appeared on the new apple computers. Some of us bought her CD to show support. When she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, the following day, a few of us were stoked because one of our old ‘nerd buddies had done something cool and exciting.

A couple of my friends that I know from that board were in town visiting yesterday when I got an email from someone asking me to check out the Amanda Ghost show that night at Scenic. The three of us got super excited and thought we’d surprise her at her show. So we got there early and I knocked on her dressing room door.
“Hi, is Amanda in there?”
“Yeah, who is this?”
“My friends and I are friendly with her and just wanted to say hi.”

Amanda jumped from her couch and looked at me familiarly.
“Hey! I’m Sarah Lewitinn! I know you!”
“Really? How?”
“I can’t say it outloud. Can I whisper it in your ear?”
“Please? I’m embarrassed!”
”I know you from the buddyhead message board from a few years back,” I pointed to the two boys behind me “This is XXXX and XXXX from the board!”
“Oh, hi!”
“Uh… do you remember us?”
”No, What are you talking about?”
“The buddyhead message board… you know… on the internet? We used to email and IM all the time. Your email address was”
“Oh my god! I kid you not, but about a hundred people have come up to me saying they were email friends of mine and I had never heard of them before. I think warner brothers did some marketing thing and had people post as me on message boards. I don’t know why they did that! I didn’t even own until recently, it was some super fan named xxxxxx.”
“No fucking way.”
“Yeah, seriously.”
“Oh. My. God. I feel like an idiot.”
”It’s ok! You’re not the only one who has done that!”

It’s ok. We were humiliated a little, but then we went to see Elkland at the Paper Magazine party and Baron was so inspired by their truly over the top gayformance that we hurried home with Ellen, Greg the BF, and Robbie and watched Baron hoolahoop naked in my bedroom. I wish I was kidding. He spent about 10-20 minutes stark naked in my room hoolahooping.

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