Monday, July 25, 2005


Holy shit, is the Nightmare of You album good. Karen and I finally admitted to each other that we feel the same way about this one as we felt about the Killers album, and, well, you know what happened there.

I'm putting their single, and the Spinto Band's single, on sale today. in a few minutes. I've been getting an overwhelming amount of emails from NOY fans asking for their single... it's coming!

Gesus, NOY is just so good it's really silly. Really, really, really silly.

And in other awesome Stolen Transmission news... check out what the LA Alternative Press said about The Oohlas:

For two years, the Oohlas have been layering Kim Deal vocals and Pixie-like haze over music that swims from the purest jangle pop over to downtrodden psych rock. The trio (composed of Ollie Tamale and Mark and Greg Eklund) offers music that embodies solitary moments like an empty city street at dawn — calm but full of latent possibility. New York City blogger Sarah Lewitinn (AKA Ultragrrrl) picked up the Oohlas on her singles label, Stolen Transmission, selling the 3-song EP on her site so quickly she could barely keep up with demand. Sure, it’s just the internet, but keep in mind Stolen Transmission counts Louis XIV among its alums. But being short on hometown devotion hasn’t daunted the insistent Oohlas. With a couple of write ups in the British bastion of undiscovered, New Music Express (NME), and radio play across Europe, the Oohlas sound the big-in-U.K. cliché as well and loudly as any fish ‘n’ chip munching Brit. Fortunately, the Oohlas have yet to head off into the European sunset yet, giving those stateside a chance to fix the transatlantic imbalance. Catch their full-of-frivolity live show July 29 at The Echo, where you’ll be transfixed by their serene and sparkling rock. (Catherine Addock)

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