Tuesday, May 9, 2006


(the above photo was taken from monkeycat... yes, monkeycat)

I'm honored that New York Magazine named me one of the most influencial new yorkers, but that hasn't taken the pressure to get married off me from my father:
"I am proud of you, I wish you luck and happiness in everything you do.
Mom and I always feet that you are on the right track, doing the right things and maintaining the high standard expected from you.
Keep up the good work and continue making us happy and proud .



Hahahahah. Amazing. I'm happy I finally made him proud! He may have to wait for the husband bit tho.

I haven't givent a really great diary-like entry in a while, so I'm gonna start that again i think cause my brain has the worst memory and over the weekend karen IMed me to say she just looked at a bunch of photos in a photo album and said "we've got a great life." She's right. I'm happy for every day of my life.... but i can never remember shit.

Friday night I met up with Brandon in the West Village. We went walking around and looking at puppies in the pet shops. There was still the male Brussells Griffon at Puppies and Parrots on Christopher Street and I nearly started crying as i saw it spooning with a little boston terrier. Seeing all those little puppies is hard. I miss my departed Maxine and cry almost every day about her. Everyone in my family does. She was the little sister, the daughter, the baby. I just stare at those little shih-tzu's in the store and want to start things all over again. Brandon had to drag me out of the store by the hand as i looked back teary. But I know that the right thing to do is to get a dog from a shelter if I'm ever REALLY ready for a dog.

We skipped out on seeing Art School Confidential and met up with Joe and Jenne at the Lion's Den to see Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. As you might imagine, when it comes to reggea, i'm not really the genre's #1 fan. Suuuuuuure, Matisyahu is cool and a crazy hasid and I can kinda appreciate that. But when it comes to hearing bands that about 100 crazy hippies who do that hippy dance know, I don't know what's good technically, but i can tell you what i like, and I liked them.

I was exhausted after the show that Brandon and I just went back to 3A. I'm so tired these days. Late nights seem like a distant memory to me.

Saturday was a gorgeous day for a memorial. Since a lot of Ben Chappel's friends couldn't make it down for his funeral last month, his friends decided to throw a little mid-day tribute to him at Hanger bar, a bar owned by his good friends Betsy and Natalka. Inside the bar and hanging outside were all his friends who came to celebrate the life of their friend. The walls were lined with photos of him ranging from him as a wee one in the bath tub with his sister, to all the other women in his life and Jeff Tweedy. It was a lovely tribute.

I then hopped in a cab and made my way to Bamboozle just in time to see Permanent Me, who are just blowing my mind these days. Them now, compared the them when I first saw them play is like night and day. They exude confidence and write amazing pop songs that would make Rivers Cuomo jealous. My good friend Rob Hitt is putting out their EP on i Surrender (their LP will be out on ST later this year), and the EP was selling like hot motherfucking cakes. You can see them on the road with Cartel starting tomorrow. Do it. Trust. And buy their EP here at Smartpunk.

Unfortunately, because of the memorial, I missed Monty. Missing a Monty show is like knowing that you could have a massive vat of the best ice cream and getting to it by the time it melts. The best thing about the bands on my label is that they're really good. I like that about them. Haha.

At around 1:30 am, Karen came over to 3A to meet up with me, Brandon and Brian. We had a quickie drink of pink wine and went over to Misshapes where we stood in the corner and sexually harassed everyone around us. Petey Wentz was there. He's cute. He's no wiL aideN tho, and that's why we went (well, for wiL and Leslie's DJ set, of course). at about 3:30 we all left. I think.

Sunday I returned to Bampoodle with Brandon and we were greeted with the rumors that an older man had tragically passed away during Fallout Boy's set. The concept is completely terrible when you imagine that he was probably there with his kids and trying to have a great time with them. So sad. I hope it's not true.

I spent most of the time with my friend brooke drinking beers and trying to pretend that I'm a 20 year old just like she is. Getting around Bamboozle when you're my age is hard, I dont know how kareN, jennY, gurJ, norA, and briaN did it. Oh wait, yes I do. They got around so much because they were stalking wiL from Aiden! Everyone one of those shits chickened out in getting a photo with him DESPITE being about 3 feet from him constantly. When gurJ, brookE, and myselF made it to the catering to eat, i spotted wiL in the emorbid flesh eating while wearing red makeup. I was stoked out of my fucking face, but lacking a camera, so I let him eat and just got over excited. Brandon and Ryan met up with us and couldn't believe how in a matter of 3 days we had turned wiL into a hipster icon. ironic or not, he quickly became the most anticipated band dude to possibly decend upon Misshapes... Anyway, I think that after Gurj's report from the Panic! at the Disco show, she's moved her obsession from wiL to Brendan, the fallen morman.

We came home after Bamboozle, leaving the Bam and the booze behind us. I was exhuasted, but stayed up til 2am watching the Wilco movie "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart."

By the way, last night I was taking the subway listening to my iPod on shuffle when a pretty and gentle female voice appeared in my head singing "you broke my heart" over and over again like a little angel. I looked at my iPod and found the name Lavender Diamond scrolling across my screen. You know when you're feeling a certain way: happy, in love, heart broken, sad... something about a piece of music can move you to tears? This was one of those moments. I don't know how the EP found it's way into my iPod, but I sure am glad it did.

Oh, and this photo makes me happy... check out the t-shirt Jessica is wearing!

She loves ST music!

Anyone else have a picture of them wearing this shirt??? send to me!

Thank you Julie Pietrangelo for this link to Daily Puppy.
Which led me to this link to Pandavix.
And this link to Adorablog.

Oh dear...

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