Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I've had the blogger window open all afternoon trying to update this blog of mine, but then something comes up, and another thing comes up, and then i'm sitting here at 8pm hoping that I dont miss Art Brut at the Blender party...

You know when you're sleeping and you have to pee and all you do is dream about peeing? Suddenly, everything in your dreams takes a backburner to the fact that you have to pee? That happened to me the other night. I was dreaming that I had to save all these puppies and kittens but I had to pee so badly... then i found myself in the VH1 offices peeing into the water cooler cause apparently that was the bathroom, but it wasn't, so while i was trying to have a conversation with Paul and Carlos from Interpol (?!?!?), i was trying to hide the fact that I was peeing in a watercooler and telling them about a project I had in mind for them. I finally sprung out of bed and ran to the bathroom but couldn't go back to sleep and resume my dream about saving the puppies and kittens. Instead, I fed Bella who was annoyed that I woke her up.

Last thursday was a really fun Stolen Transmission (you can click here to see photos!). It was Brandon's birthday party, Young Love's single release party, Gurj, Darryl Palumbo, and Rob Hitt all Guest DJed tthat night... and while Brian didn't end up stripping like he did for Gurj's bday party last week (as seen on the left), that's not to say that i didn't end up seeing a stripper that night... or maybe trying to make my friend Casey as uncomfortable as humanly possible by giving him a half-assed lap dance at around 4am. Come 5am and Scientist Andy Eisberg was giving me a science lesson in everything humanly possible. That man can take the simplest thing and explain the scientific reasoning behind it in a way you understand... and i shit you not, he's a scientist.

Anyway, Friday was one of most fun DJ gigs I've ever had. I DJed Jordana the Intern's prom! I'm so excited that she's going to be graduating soon because I need a full time intern like craaaaaaaaaaazy. Jordana took one of my best friends as her date and nearly everyone danced the whole time. It's so crazy because she goes to this Upper East Side school called Birch Wathen Lennox and you'd expect the whole thing to be filled with snobby girls who just wanna hear cheesy dance music the entire time, but instead, it was a bunch of cute little girls dressed like they raided Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's closet. When I played The Go! Team's "Huddle Formation" the dancefloor got filled... When I played Young Love's "Discotech" the dance floor got filled... When I played Nightmare of You's "My Name is Trouble" the dancefloor got filled and one girl actually yelled out "OH MY GOD! NIGHTMARE OF YOU!". I attempted to allow the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Maps" be the slowdance song of the night... but the kids were too stoked to slow dance. One girl requested I play the YYYs all night... Sia's "Breathe Me" and Nick Lachey's new ballad seem to get the couples awkwardly doing that slow dance thing. It was one of the more fun gigs I've ever had... if you want me to DJ your prom or whatever event is coming up in your high school PLEASE HAVE ME!

So saturday I spent the day loafing around. Made it down to TisWas at the Annex to see Melody Nelson DJ, and then to Cake Shop to see my friend Jesse's band Professor Murder, but after downing 3/4 of a bottle of wine AND 2 glasses of champagne, AND not eating, my hours were numbered and I found myself walking home at 2am. An early night. But that wasn't before bumping into Elliott and Nader on my way there... laughing about Nader calling me up at 5am while i was in Utah, and letting him know that I will always answer my phone, no matter the time.

Last night I came home right after work and went right to bed after lurking on myspace for far too long. Fast asleep by 11pm... oh dear, i cannot be fatigued! Tonight I party with Karen and Vicki! Yay!

Good news for all Permanent Me fans out there! Their EP Dear Virginia is available now! You can buy it online from various retailers or get the hard CD!

Click the button that most suites your fancy:

Incase you can't make it out to see Permanet Me out on tour with Cartel before they head into the studio, you can check out these great YouTube's of them.

Here's one of "Allison" taken at the Lincoln Theater... I love that you can hear kids singing in the background:

I love this one from Club Ritual in Long Island cause the kids are going fucking apeshit:

And for all you Real Magic TV fans out there, the band appeared on the site!

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