Wednesday, May 3, 2006


For those who like watching LOST (and have dreams about it like me), you gotta check out this message board thread. Apparently, in the UK (where they're just beginning season 2), they ran a commercial for the Hanso Foundation that was supposed to appear to be just a regular TV ad. If you were sharp, you caught the number (0800 66 66 40), and called it. Well, just go to the message board to see what happens when you call, or try for yourself (for those dialing from the us: 011-44-800-66-66-40). i hit option #5 and got goosebumps. At least there are some clues about where they are and why.

I'm so excited for tonight's episode that I actually had a dream inspired by Lost. I was on the island with everyone on the show, and oddly enough, Matt Rubano. A few of the women decided to make rafts to see how far they could paddle out and swim back. Meanwhile, a bunch of us found a hut on the island and i found a little dog (yay), but i was scared of it (boo). Dakota from Life With an Astronaut showed up and he and Matt found guitars and started playing "bloody up your dress" from the band the Medics, which was beyond trippy and surreal. Then Matt tried to kiss me. When I told him i had a boyfriend he said "you wont be seeing him anytime soon." Way to go Matt. Scamming in my dreams. Needless to say, i stayed loyal to my mizz-an.

Also, this might rule your life a bit:

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