Saturday, May 13, 2006


I'm writing this from a very comfortable bed in Utah. Salt Lake City, Utah, to be exact. I'm here for something confidential, but I've met people I feel confident I will stay friends with once I leave. I called my boyfriend last night explaining to him the liberating feeling of walking by a person, extending your hand and introducing yourself and then just talking to them. about anything. there is never an issue that you're butting into a conversation. There's never the feeling that you're intruding. People are happy to meet you, and you're happy to meet them -- a feeling i've lost with age. It's really great to sort of feel like i did when i was 20 and all I wanted to do, desperately, was make friends. These days, when I try to do something like that -- walk up to a group of people (or even just one person) and introduce myself, i feel like i'm unwelcomed. I feel like I'm about to be the butt of their jokes. I fear that I will end up being written about on their blog or on a message board (it's happened... feeding into my paranoia -- just the other day i read a really mean comment about me on a msg board and realized it was by some dude that tried to take me home ... his wife was out of town... i disgustingly turned him down ... and he disgustingly ripped me a new asshole on ilm) So, I've learned to just hang back. Keep my mouth shut. Avoid as many social situations as possible. Stick to my couch where it's safe.

Yeah, hopefully, this weekend will repair the damage of age.

By the way, not all people with giant, gorgeous teeth are Morman, but it appears, so far, that all Mormans have giant, gorgeous white teeth. It's such a wonderful trait. Some celebrity examples to back my theory: Donnie and Marie Osmond, Brandon Flowers, John Heder.... there are more I'm sure. As someone with little wolf-teeth who is obsessed with giant chompers, I'm in teeth examining heaven!

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