Thursday, November 2, 2006

We're very, very, very happy to announce a new signing to Stolen Transmission:


PlayRadioPlay has been an obsession of all of ours for the past couple of months, and after months of courtship, we finally won over their heart... or his heart.

In 2007 there will be an EP out on ST followed by a full length, but until then you can visit their MySpace and PureVolume, where over 1 million people have been flipping out about PRP.

Oh, and here's my puppy, Monkey, listening to Dan from PRP set up for his Casa De Ultragrrrl.... he's Monkey approved!


And kisses:

(both photos by BrotherLawrence)

PS - a lot of people ask me where i got Monkey and the answer is: A woman named Debbie Withrow is the breeder and she did an INCREDIBLE job with Monkey. I've been in touch with owners of other dogs she's bred, and they all have the same glowing reviews of their pups and Debbie's ability as a mommy. So if you get a Brussels Griffon from someone, GET IT FROM HER!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had good luck with your puppy!! I've talked to numerous people who have dogs from belgian buddies and they arrived dirty with ear mites, sick with snotty noses or cough and scared of people. I was told by someone who went to her house to get a puppy that she has around 100 dogs. I think she's a puppymill and only breeds for money not because she cares about the dogs. I've been to her website and you don't see any letters from customers there or on either.

Unknown said...

Your Monkey is very adorable! I got an Affenpischer and he is one of the most amazing! He is a little athlete born with springs on his feet :o) Perfect temperament and intelligent! Deb is a wonderful breeder that adores both breeds.

Unknown said...

I'm trying to reach Deb regarding one of her puppies...Do you have a current email and phone number for her? I have purchased two of her Affins but the contact info I have from 5 years ago is not correct...You may contact me at