Thursday, May 3, 2007


And i wrote this to the bar owners, excited about our arrival:

FUCK YES! We're so excited to have the stolen transmission party at AK47. So many people have been hitting me up about it, excited for it's return, so thank you for the opportunity and i hope that you all can make it and enjoy the best downtown party new york city has to offer... and have tons of sex in the bathroom, as per petey's instructions.

We were hoping to start the party at about 11pm. Nick Snow, from ST, will be DJing for an hour or two, and then Karen and I will get on the decks until 4am.

Here's a flyer:

And another that my friend Lisa made:

And here are some photos of the party when it was at the orchard bar and the best shit ever (until tomorrow, of course):

Me blowing up a (used) condom:

drinking manishewitz (shabbat shalom!):

the dj booth where i nearly got killed by a member of DMS on my 26th birthday:

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